Our skills in web development

Ruby on Rails

Ruby web application framework. It allows a fast and great development style. Aims the creation of test before code and clean and usable code.


Well tested open source database developed over the last 30 years. Some of the features are high concurrency, several datatypes, triggers, and so on

Html 5

Five HTML revision from W3C


Cascade style sheets. Used to describe the HTML document presentation.


Ruby is a dynamic, reflective and object oriented programming language. It was designed for productivity and programmer happiness.


Programming language that compiles to Javascript. It is inspired in Ruby, Python and Haskell to improve brevity and readability of Javascript.


CSS Metalanguage. It groups by selectors the rules that will be applied. Extends CSS.


Tool to automate the uploading process of new application versions. Herramienta que automatiza el proceso de subir nuevas versiones a multiples servidores de forma simultanea.


Tool for creating, configuration of developing virtual environments. It allows the testing of similar production environments in private environments.


Stores key-values in memory. It shares data in a common servers cluster.


High concurrency HTTP server.


HTTP server for web applications prepared for Rack.