Why use Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is a framework to develop web applications. It is based in the Ruby programming language. It allows separation in three different parts: model, view and controller.

The advantaje of using Ruby on Rails respect to others frameworks or web languages is that allows a faster development. The Rails developers usually create simple and organized user interfaces , that allows the users to understand the application.

Rails has by default characteristics of auto-protection from external attacks.

The filosophy of a Rails programmers is tied to test creation before any code implmentation (TDD). We will write tests for every characteristic or feature.

The code used for creating web applications Ruby on Rails is very consistent between developers. That allows collaboration between them.

Ruby on Rails Is free and does not have any licenses costs. Rails is compatible with most databases.

Some really important websites are developed in RoR Among them: Twitter, Shopify, Github, etc.